“Customer Happiness is Our DNA”

Rainbowl Pictures is a brand name of PT RAM, a digital content developer that has vision to become one of world's leading digital media entertainment and creative service providers. Our mission is to create smile and happiness through our creativity.

We offer the best experience in Digital Multimedia Service. We are able to create concept, handle the design, do animation & videography, and graphic design to help you raising people awareness about your project / product / company. We will help you condense complex, wordy information into something visually captivating that is easy to consume, comprehend and share by your target audience. Our team works with you every step of the way to create the perfect digital design & video for use on your website, social media, in ad campaigns or promotional materials.

The company provides services in 2D & 3D Animation, which is process, the art from the hand scratch until visual effect for the animation. Multimedia services on design & entertainment development such as photography, videography & graphic design. Our priority is teamwork spirit and customer satisfaction. We will always try to bring you to the world of impression and do our work accurately. If we can make you happy, we will be even happier.

Complimentary Services